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With everyone having a camera these days, be it a Digital SLR or a camera phone, there is a greater need to learn how to use the camera and get better results from you photographs

Conor Williams Photography will teach you how to take better photographs, what to look for, composition, what all the functions and symbols mean on your camera and how they affect you photographs

"For anyone interested in taking up photography, the beginners course with Conor Williams is an absolute MUST. Excellent instruction combined with a friendly informal atmosphere made for a great learning experience. From how to compose and capture a great photograph, to getting the most out of your camera, this course made the complex appear simple. Highly recommended." Philip

I signed up for Conor's course with an interest in photography but with no idea of how to use a DSLR camera or how the whole process works. Conor was great at demystifying all the settings and options on the camera and was very generous with his expert knowledge and artistry. I found the course challenging at times but very enlightening and I am now confident in my newly found photography skills. Conor's course was just what I needed to improve my composition and I'm looking forward to using all I've learned over the summer - thanks Conor!  Iseult

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